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1. Store hot food in an insulated food container.
Who likes soggy chicken nuggets and cold rice? Nobody! Keep food warm for 4 to 5 hours in an insulated food container for a lunch that will make your kid go “yum”!

2. Prevent fruits from turning brown with this secret.
Soak sliced apples in calamansi water (mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with one cup of water) for 5 minutes and store in a resealable bag to keep it fresh. The acid in citrus fruits is the secret ingredient that keeps the apples from browning. You can choose to use lemons, dalandans, or other citrus fruits to replace good ol’ calamansi.

3. Make your sandwiches sog-proof!
Build a better sandwich by placing condiments and mushy toppings in between meat and veggies, so that the sandwich doesn’t get soggy right away. Lightly toasting the pieces of bread will also help.

4. Make food cuter with cookie cutters.
Don’t underestimate the power of awesome presentation! Not only does it make the sandwiches the perfect size for little hands, but also it’s great for kids who hate crusts!

5.Get creative with bento boxes.
If you’ve never made a bento box in your life, don’t worry. A bento box simply means a packed lunch! It’s all about compartmentalizing. Start with something easy, like a sandwich with a smiley face made out of cheese, cut up fruit, and a few chocolate biscuits. You’re done!



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Preparing your child’s lunch box is a way to make sure that he gets to eat right while in school. But some kids don’t like bringing baon because it gets soggy or cold (note: not yummy!) by lunchtime. How do you deal? Here are 5 hacks to prepare baon that kids will enjoy.