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Full calendar again? Nothing kicks off another busy day better than enjoying a hearty morning meal with your partner. Just because you’re in a hurry doesn’t mean you have to settle with unhealthy options. Prepare Wellnessized recipes for you and your honey. To #Wellnessize is to take small steps to wellness such as choosing to enjoy a nutritious breakfast with your partner every day.

Here are 5 quick, healthy, and yummy breakfast ideas you should try out together:

#1. Scrambled Eggs
This household classic is a go-to breakfast recipe. It’s easy to prepare and it goes well with just about anything. Eggs give you protein to help boost your energy. Make your scrambled eggs more exciting by turning it into an omelet! It takes just about the same amount of time to cook but you can throw in more ingredients to the mix such as mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, and herbs.

#2. Fruit Jam on Toast 
Pop in 4 bread slices (2 for you and 2 for your partner) in the toaster, spread your jam of choice over the top, enjoy with milk, and voila! You get fiber, carbohydrates, and protein in every delicious bite.

#3. Apple and Cheese Slices
It doesn’t get any simpler and yummier than this. Apple provides fiber while the cheese slices give you a fair amount of your much-needed daily dairy dose. The popular Fuji apples available locally go well with both imported cheese such as blue cheese or gorgonzola, and the more common ones such as cheddar cheese.

#4. Banana-topped Pancakes
Pancakes can definitely have a healthier twist by adding banana slices on top. The combination of carbohydrates and potassium gives you energy to avoid early morning slump. Serving with maple syrup, optional.

#5. Smoothies
Light breakfast filled with light-hearted conversations? Yes, please! Sharing a glass of healthy fruit smoothies will definitely complement the easy-going mood and set your day up on a positive note. Start with a simple blend of fresh fruits such as banana, apple, orange, or strawberry mixed with milk and crushed ice. 

Even when you are rushing, #Wellnessize your day by having a nutritious breakfast everyday!

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