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1. Let him snooze away the hours for as long as he wants to, and when he wakes up, serve him brunch in bed.

2. Have him pick what he wants to do with you and the family. If he wants to go to a movie or shoot a few hoops with you guys cheering for him, go along with it.

3. Design a shirt for him. Buy a plain tee and have you and the kids decorate it as a unique gift for him.

4. Go a different route. Trying something new as a couple or a family will strengthen your bond and give you something to laugh and reminisce about. Why not try troop over to a trampoline park, or teach the kids some classic pinoy games?

5. Go camping. Roughing it out in the great outdoors will make for a great activity, especially if your partner is adventurous. Being surrounded by greenery and nature has also been scientifically proven to boost your happiness, stamina, and health.

6. Give him a “pamper me” day. Even if your man only uses his bath soap and water to clean his face, no one will ever say no to a day in the spa. Get him a free massage, facial, mani-pedi, and a free trip to the barbershop.

7. Hold your own music festival. Sing karaoke to your heart’s content and make some beautiful music together!

8. Celebrate as one big family. Gather up your whole family from both sides for a big lunch or dinner, or maybe invite his other daddy friends and their families to your house for a casual get together.

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Actions speak louder than words. Have fun on Father's Day with these easy but awesome deeds to declare, "You're the best dad ever!"