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When you and your husband have settled into a routine, it can be tempting for Date Night to go out the window. Make sure you still make time to go out on dates because regular date nights can actually #Wellnessize your life, as they’re small, easy steps you can take together to strengthen your relationship. Here are some ideas to keep things fresh and interesting.

Go on a culinary adventure.
Skip your usual restaurant and take your palate on an adventure! Explore a food neighborhood you’ve never been to, sample the treats at a food park, or try a new cuisine together. You can even #Wellnessize your date by picking a healthy recipe that both you and your husband will love, then learn to cook it together in the comforts of your own kitchen!

Hit the road.
A vital part of this date is to turn it into a No Screens Day—turn off your devices so you can truly focus on one another during your road trip. It’s exciting to explore new places together without gadgets to distract you from the sights and each other.

Take a class together.
There’s nothing like learning something new together to keep your relationship fresh! Take a painting class if you are feeling creative, or get physical with dance lessons.  You can also #Wellnessize your diet by taking cooking classes together and enjoy practicing your new recipes at home! 

Get cultured.
Pass on movie night and opt for something more cultural and sophisticated. Visit a local museum and enjoy the art, or see a play together. These new experiences can enrich your relationship and even give you more interesting stories to tell your future kids!

#Wellnessize with exercise.
To enjoy a long and bright future together, you and your husband need to commit to being fit! Make a date out of exercising together to make it more fun for the two of you. A small, easy step to take in your wellness journey is to start running together, or try out a new sport that you can both enjoy. Some fun picks: take a hike up a mountain, groove to the beat at a dance class, or enjoy quiet time and meditation together at yoga.

Go house hunting.
What could be more romantic than dreaming of your future together? Pick a neighborhood you would want to live in and explore it together, or drive around the city to look for houses you would love to pattern your dream home after. House hunting together is a small, easy step you can take towards making your dream home a reality.

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