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It’s that time of the year again when it’s great to have fun under the sun! However, it’s not as fun for food that easily spoil away with the sizzling heat around. Aside from keeping edibles inside a refrigerator, here are six small steps that create a big impact if you plan to #Wellnessize your eats this summer:

1. Forget about stocking up
Just the right amount of food on your grocery list will do. Less is more, especially now that you’ll only end up wasting money if your untouched food ends up being thrown away due to spoilage. It’s best to buy everything fresh and eat them fresh!

2. Give your food staples a longer lifespan by sealing them in air-tight containers
No need to fret about leftover viand and rice. Air-tight containers keep food from getting soggy or too dry, and from absorbing odors. This can also help save your food from catching freezer burn.

3. Put a label on it
Different kinds of food have different shelf life capacities. It is best to mark which ones should be prioritized in your to-serve list by labeling them clearly with their corresponding expiry dates. You may use masking tape, it is easy to peel off and it doesn’t leave residue on your container.

4. Keep the greens cool and clean
Keep your greens fresh by wrapping it in a paper bag before they hit the fridge. If you want to maintain the crunch when you consume them, blanch vegetables by briefly immersing it in boiling water and then quickly plunge them in an ice water bath to stop the cooking process and retain their crispness.

5. Freeze some…
Freezing prevents the growth of bacteria and molds and can help lengthen the life of perishables. Majority of edibles can be thrown under 0°F to avoid food spoilage. Just make sure to thaw everything properly!

6. Countdown to three if it’s a veggie
Leaving vegetables inside a refrigerator for a long time might cause them to wilt and lose essential vitamins and nutrients. After purchasing your greens, it can be a good practice to consume them after three days.


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