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Make your own coffee. Buying specialty coffee everyday can easily cost you P600 a week, or P2,400 a month that you can spend on other things! Making your own cup of NESCAFE Blend and Brew at home will not just shave off precious time out of your day, but it will greatly save you a lot of pesos, too. Plus, you can stash a sachet or two inside your bag, so that you can make your own coffee anywhere you go.

Eat at home more. Eating out might seem more convenient, or a treat for your family during the weekends, but the habit of eating out can cost you a lot in the long run. Buy your ingredients and make meals as a family instead. Involve them in the cooking process so that they’ll learn how to cook themselves, and you’ll know exactly what goes into your food, making it healthier and yummier!

Pull the plug on unused appliances. As long as an appliance is still plugged in, it’s still using a little bit of electricity, and when you add up all the appliances in your home that are constantly plugged in, those will add up to your electricity bill. Get the whole family into the habit of unplugging all appliances after they use each one.

Let the air and sunshine in. Make use of natural sunlight rather than turning on the lights during daytime, and turn the air conditioner on only during sleeping time during hot nights. You’ll notice your electricity bill go down substantially.

Avoid the malls. The default weekend activity of Filipinos is to go malling, and it’s usually so that we can cool down and look around—but we also end up spending more than we usually would. Lessen your trips to twice a month, and head to the nearby park or playground instead. Your kids will get much needed exercise and outdoor time, and it’s absolutely free, too.

Update your budget on a daily basis. When you don’t know what you’re spending on or how much money you have left to spend on a certain expense, you’ll always end up spending more than you should have. Create a budget where you allot an amount to spend on each monthly expense, and update it daily with your actual expenses, so that you always know if you’re about to go overboard with spending on a certain expense, or if you have to cut back on certain expenses.

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If your monthly income is always just enough for your household expenses, chances are, you don’t have as much savings as you would want to have. Here are some ways you can save that hard earned money of your household.