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Setting #Wellnessize goals for yourself is easy. Persisting until you succeed is the challenging part. The key to achieving your goals? Turn them into habits.

Creating a Habit Out of Your Goals

1. Write Them Down
Put your goals down on pen and paper. Write them as specifically, and as clearly as you can. Then, take some time to enumerate the steps that you need to turn these goals into reality.

2. Think of the Time Frame
Ask yourself whether the goal can be accomplished with daily or weekly acts. For example, if you want to lose weight, you will have to eat right daily, and exercise, perhaps several times a week.

3. Schedule the Steps
In your planner, carve out a time and a day for when you will actually perform these steps. If this is a daily routine, set a time when you will actually do it. Stick to the routine -- no more, no less -- to avoid overexert or short-changing yourself.

4. Focus on One Act for a Month
Commit to doing one of the steps in your action plan for at least a month. Don't worry about the other steps yet, because what you are trying to do now is to form a habit. If more than one step is required, pursue the second one after the month is up.

5. Try and Try Again
If it happens that you get derailed at any time before the month is up, you have to start from scratch and persist in doing the habit until it is fully ingrained in you. You will then find that you are functioning almost on autopilot, and from then on, you turn more actions into habits, until your goal is reached.

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