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Para Maging Good Sports Parents, Sundin Ang Advice Ng Mga Moms Na ‘To

These tips will help your child have a healthy and fun experience with sports!

Feb 14, 2023

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Isa sa mga secrets sa success ng mga athletes, lalo na ng young athletes, ay ang walang humpay na suporta ng kanilang mga magulang. Malaki ang naitutulong ninyo sa pag-create ng positive, supportive, at healthy home environment para mag-thrive ang mga bata sa kanilang napiling sport. Pero ano nga ba ang “positive, supportive, and healthy home environment” na kailangan ng mga batang atleta? Paano mo ito ma-bi-build? Tignan natin ang sagot ng tatlong sports parents below:

Focus on learning instead of winning

Your kids can learn so much through sports, including how to rise from failure or defeat. Kaya naman for Mommy Rizza Odra, whose 7-year-old son Fuego is a soccer player, mas naka-focus siya sa learning and growth ng anak. 

Rizza explains: “It has been said that failure is the gateway to success. I think parents who focus too much on winning and push this mindset onto their children rob their kids of the opportunity to truly learn.”

“Children need to understand that winning is not everything — Fuego knows this already,” the mom said. “There will be times when he’ll stumble and fall, but he has to get up and learn from his mistakes. Fuego has been taught to use this to work harder at becoming better.”

Be present as much as you can

Sa dami ng mga kailangang gawin sa araw-araw, mahirap to attend all of your kid’s games or watch every pratice. That’s okay, just be there as often as you can. Importante rin na you are 100% present on the days when you’re around. By being attentive and interested in your kids’ sports journey, they will realize that you are genuinely supporting them. 

Along with providing your children with their sports necessities, Daddy Arnold Patron said, parents can also help “train and guide them.” Tried and tested na ito ng dad sa kanyang three kids na sina Michael, a tennis player, and Matthew and Mickael, who both play basketball.

“Walk the talk,” Arnold adds. “It’s good for the kids to see that we’re really with them as they train and excel in sports.”

Be mindful of your behavior during your kids’ games

On being a good sports parent to son Iñigo, Mommy Trina San Pascual said, “I am careful of how I [act during my son’s football] games. I try not to take his games too seriously.” 

Mahalagang mag-detach ang mga parents ng kanilang sarili from their kids’ sport and remain in their roles as supporters and cheerers. This way, you can laugh and have fun with your children as they grow through the sport, minus pressure or expectations from your end.

Dagdag ng mom: “I would always remind [my son] that what is important in every game are the experiences he gets when he plays with his team and for having the chance to play.” 

Another important way to support your children is by making sure they’re energized whenever they play. Siguraduhing ready sila by giving them a nutritious and balanced breakfast partnered with MILO®.

MILO®’s champion formula has milk, a source of protein and calcium; protomalt, a source of energy; cocoa, a source of phosphorus; and Iron and B vitamins for energy release. When partnered with a balanced meal, MILO® can help young athletes get the optimal amount of energy at breakfast time, which helps prepare them for a day of sports.

Become a great sports parent by putting your child’s health and well-being first! This way your little athlete can thrive and grow up to be a champion in life!

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